Sanctuary Cove Country Club has extended their commitment to helping the community achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals by launching their new app, Cove Fitness & Health.

Offering 24/7 access to the club’s team of world-class trainers and rehabilitation professionals, the app is an ever-evolving library of workouts, recipes and challenges to keep users motivated to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cove Fitness & Health holds a range of workouts of all disciplines and difficulty levels, from Pilates and Yoga to Strength and Cardio. Workouts are filmed in a number of locations, from inside the Country Club Gym, to overlooking the picturesque Palms Golf Course or even on a luxury vessel on the glistening Gold Coast waterway! Users are never without an engaging workout.

The app is designed with a range of difficulty levels in mind so members can start small, with simple and quick sessions before committing to more challenging, extensive workouts. Available on smartphone or tablet, members can access the app at any time of the day, allowing flexibility for those who work long hours, shift work or are unable to physically attend the gym. This lifestyle is taken into account with its library of simple and easy recipes, created by a qualified dietician. Users can rest assured the recipes are holistically healthy and will, in combination with their training, contribute to achieving their fitness goals.

Cove Fitness & Health encourages a sense of community by allowing members to ask questions about recipes and workouts, so they can get the most out of their experience. Challenges are regularly updated on the app, so users can set themselves short-term goals and mix up their training. Membership to Cove Fitness & Health is open to both members and non-members of the Country Club. Cove Fitness & Health is free to download on Apple and Android devices from January 2021.




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